Well its been a pretty prolific start to this new river season, with some cracking weather, some storms with plenty of thunder and lightning plus the best bit plenty of superb hard fighting Norfolk Broads Pike as well!

Congratulations to all of you that has sampled some great fishing with us and commiseration to the few that have found it a bit tough or have endured some of the torrential rain that has accompanied the thunderstorms or indeed the hot weather and have returned home sunburnt and pretty tired.

Quite a few new personal best Pike already for clients so again your one of those lucky people well done now lets see if you can beat your new PB next time up here, well you never know do you.

Reservations are nearly all gone for the Summer period, Autumn is already very, very heavily booked so if your thinking of coming up check out our new website and reserve your trip soon, otherwise you will be disappointed!

Few pics below of some of our lucky new season captors more on the new look website http://www.predator-people.co.uk

Tight lines

Well the new river season has now been underway for 3 weeks and its actually been a pretty good start, weathers in Norfolk has been as usual a little bit mixed, cracking Summer days with temps almost reaching 30c, thunderstorms and a fair bit of heavy rain thrown in just for good measure!

The fishing started brilliantly with over 30 hits on opening day alone, the first twenty pounder of the new season also has been boated and we’ve seen loads of personal best fish boated for our clients so all is happy at the Predator People at the moment.

Lures as usual are doing the business with most lures catching but soft lures and large spinnerbaits seem to have just that bit of an edge, baits so far have proved very slow.

We’ll keep you posted as the Summer progress, don’t forget you can follow us on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Tumblr and Google+, just click on our website and follow the links to do this at the top right of our pages.

A few pictures below of some of our catches so far.

Tight lines


Well I think the title just about says it all, looking out of the window the sky is grey and the rain is torrential however with the new river season starting in around 3 weeks time its just what we need, a good dose of clean, cool water to perk up the Broads and hopefully make the season start with a big bang!

I’ve just updated our on-line diary and we now have very few dates left in June & July, so if you fancy a bit of fun with hard fighting Summer Pike early season don’t leave it to late in reserving your dates or your going to be disappointed, don’t forget we fish both baits and lures through the Summer and whist I personally think lures are great fun and pretty productive during the warmer months if you fancy a more relaxed day then come bait fishing with instead.

Thats about it for this quick update, hopefully the rain will stop soon and I look forward to seeing you in the new season.


Usual apologies for not keeping the blog updated as I should but things just keep getting in the way!

Anyway the old season finished with a bit of a flurry and the new one is fast approaching, we are already getting very heavily booked so my advice would to not leave your reservations for to long otherwise dates will be gone, this applies to Autumn and Winter periods not just the Summer time!

The website has been updated now and the 2013 season photo archive is now up there on the photo gallery page, have a look you might have made it on there this year.

We are closed from 26th April until 15th May inclusive so if you would like to make a reservation during this period then please complete the on-line reservation form and we’ll be in touch to confirm your booking when we reopen, all reservations during this closed period will be taken on a first come first served basis so if possible give us an alternative date or two.

Lastly a big thank you to all of our clients and friends who fished with us over the 2013/14 season it was great eeing you all and we hope you enjoyed it as much as we did, hope to see you all again in the 2014/15 season.


Yes it’s true in 5 days time the 2023/14 river season closes and a rest from angling on the Norfolk Broads until June 16th, January was without doubt somewhat of a trying month but February and March have proved to be pretty good, with a fair amount of new PB’s for clients and some stunning specimens being returned by most people.

A few pics are below but more can be found on our website.

Rob-Childs-2-webAlan-Puse-web Chris-May-web Eamonn-Hall-web John-Bandell-web-3 Matt-Harrison-web Rod-Thorpe-Web-1 Pete-Gardener-web Paul-Mart-web John-Crook-Web-2

Hard to believe but we’re just starting our 4th consecutive dry day Pike fishing on the Norfolk Broads! Bad weather forecast tomorrow but for now we’re making the most of it, let’s hope the #Pike do to!

So February’s already arrived and with it only 6 weeks of the current river season now remain and believe it or not the first 2 days of February is dry and not only that but the sun’s actually appeared in the sky – whoopee !!

This post is a bit of a miss mash of things as regular follows will have noticed I haven’t managed to add many posts lately, partly because there hasn’t been a great amount to write about and partly because laziness has set in again – see I admit it…lol

Anyway January 2014, well to be honest it has been a total disaster for us up on the Norfolk Broads, it seems that it has almost never stopped raining or blowing a gale all January, good news is the heavy duty “Lea Cotten” waterproofs have been severely tested and shown to be well worth the money, suppose if there good enough for trawler men then they’ll do us fine! Whilst our river systems have remained well inside there banks they have had a fair bit of colour and muck in them as would be expected, almost every time we have had more heavy rain then the colours flooded back in. Strange thing though is that some parts of the main river systems have remained pretty clear but in truth it hasn’t made the Pike down in those parts feed any better than in the coloured water! Some of the Pike have shown themselves to be very fat, couple this with the lack of pick-ups and twitchy takes it does seriously make us think that maybe our Broadland Pike are going to spawn early – no evidence yet on the spawning areas we know of but it is a definite possibility.

Sure by now that you will understand my point of view on the dreaded Otters that now abound in the Broadland river systems, I think this Winter I have seen more Otters on a daily basis on all of our waterways than ever before! From the quiet back waters of the River Ant to the middle of Norwich on the Wensum they are everywhere. Other anglers both up on the Broads and around the country are now showing more and more concern of this top predator, there is now a on-line petition set up by Richard Bracey so that as caring anglers we can show the relevant authorities our genuine concerns on this serious matter. If you haven’t come across it or haven’t had time to sign it the link is here http://epetitions.direct.gov.uk/petitions/59529 it only takes a few minutes to complete so please if you care about the future of our sport please take a short time to sign this, it already has over 4000 signatures add yours and lets see if something can be done before its to late!

Now the rains has seemingly stopped, well for a while any way, it could be a bumper end to this season, we only have a very small amount of dates now left so if your thinking of fishing with us you will need to get your reservation in pretty quickly before we end up fully booked – current availability can be found on our ON-LINE DIARY and reservations can be made on our RESERVATION PAGE we accept credit or debit card payments, PayPal and direct bank transfer so its really easy to book and pay on our guided trips.

Anyway thats about it for this entry on the blog, try and find a couple of minutes to sign the petition, its with it and hopefully some of you will be able to find some time to fish up here with us on the tail end of the season, there could be some seriously hungry big girls out there with your name on them!

Tight lines
Allan G


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