New fishing river season on the Norfolk Broads started on the 16th and its actually been quite good so far despite the 4 days of extremely hot weather that had boaters delighted and most anglers groaning. Plenty of sport, plenty of dropped fish,  quite a few good hauls and a few specimens out as well, have to mention James who managed to catch a very long and lean summer specimen and a new personal best lure caught Pike to boot as well.

Few pics of some early catches below, hopefully more to follow shortly.

Tight lines

So the new river season is now getting ever closer and I’ve been out and about on the newly fitted out boat checking out most of the rivers we fish on a regular basis. We’ve just upgraded all of our engines and sonar equipment and its been great fun seeing how the new imaging equipment has improved massively over the last few years. I’m pleased to say that I have reverted back to Humminbird after many years using and retailing Garmin products and the new ranges are simply awsome!

Theres a few images below from the new imaging equipment including an image of a nice Pike sitting off of the bottom, we even found a sunken boat in an area we have fished for years, undoubtedly with a few of my lures hanging of it…lol

All of the rivers are running slightly lower than normal but they do look good, little bit of colour and the weed growth is looking fantastic and sure to bode well for some exciting early season top water lure action.

We are very heavily booked for the Summer and Autumn periods already so if your thinking of fishing with us in these periods I really would suggest that you get your dates reserved as early as possible to avoid disappointment. You can check our current single boat availability via the on-line diary found on the reservations tab at www.predator-people.co.uk anytime or give me a call on 07493 027238.

Tight lines for now

So late Autumns shown us the first of the seasons storms, Storm Angus only seemed to clip the edge of the Broadland area but it did manage to put up some fairly breezy conditions and a fair amount of the wet stuff as well. At the moment rivers are looking pretty good although the fishing is a bit unpredictable, the rain of today might just start adding colour to the systems although the outlook is pretty good with very little rain forecast after tomorrow – so fingers crossed.

I’ve been off work with pneumonia since the end of October and I have to say a great big thank you to Tony for manning the fort, actually should be for manning the boat….lol The fishing been a bit mixed, some days loads of fish, somedays very few fish but no blanks and everyone has said they have had a good time which is the most important thing. Thanks also to all of the clients who kindly re-booked their trips with me until later in the season, really appreciate your understanding and help on this.

So December isn’t far away now, interesting if it brings colder weather or not but hopefully so now that I’m back at work and looking to make up for lost time.

There was a few nice fish out last weekend and the picture below shows “Lucky Rob” with a cracker caught on a dead bait.


We now have our Christmas gift vouchers on sale, these can be purchased via the website and make a great gift for the angler.


One last thing were getting very heavily booked now and only have two dates left for 2016, Jan, Feb & March are now very heavy so don’t leave your booking to late otherwise it looks like you’ll be disappointed I’m afraid.

Tight lines

I think the title really says it all, its been a great Summer Pike fishing up on the Norfolk Broads, the Pike have seemingly been active almost continuously  through the Summer months even with three very hot spells with temps reaching into the 30’s. For a change we only lured fish with no baits at all used during this period.

So many clients have left with personal best fish that’s its just been a joy to be fishing this Summer, even the increased boat traffic for the main 6 weeks haven’t proved to be to stressful, never is though when your catching!

Autumns fishing well as we speak but with an Easterly wind blowing for the last 7/8 days its bound to slow down a bit but its been good so far, will do an update with some early Autumn photo’s soon.

Were fully booked for October now and getting very heavily booked for November & December so as always don’t leave your booking to long otherwise you might just not make it for the remainder of 2016.

Tight lines


So it’s Summer and the Norfolk Broads are in full holiday mode with plenty of boats and holidaymakers around, this doesn’t stop the Pike feeding it just means sometimes you have to just get up that bit earlier to find some peace and quiet!

However some days the good old Pike just like to feed all day long, even in the midday heat, as the photos of Ron and Colin show below there more than happy to play the game with surface lures throughout the day.

Well done to both of you, plenty of fish between you and quite a few drops as well.

Tight lines

Had the pleasure of taking client Graham Tweed out for a mixed day recently with some fishing and some wildlife photography on the cards. Graham bought some impressive Nikon kit with him for the day and we started fairly early on our quest to find some Kingfishers. Now we all know that the Norfolk Broads abound with these lovely birds but could we find any – not on your life could we. Not really sure if it was the previous evening of thunderstorms that made these little fellas reluctant to show or not but we only caught and odd flash of them throughout the day and all from a distance.

However all was not lost when a glimpse of a Tawny Owl got Graham quickly focusing the 500mm Nikon lens on the owl who proved to be very obliging and gave us some great shots. We then turned out attentions to the stunning Marsh Harriers that again are usually not to hard to spot, however again only an odd glimpse of these birds and usually from afar. We had almost given up on this quest but the weather turned with bright sun appearing and almost at the same time we found two or three pairs of these stunning raptors, again Graham using using his expertise caught some stunning images of these fantastic birds.

All in all a great day, I even let Graham beat me at lure fishing by making sure every Pike that hit my lures fell off – Graham laughed – I moaned!

Some of Grahams images below used with his kind permission.

Great to see the Leslie brothers up here over last weekend, we spent most of the day mocking young Merv about his older brothers fish catching ability and the lack of his own and to be fair he took it well. But as we all know its not over until your back at the dock and just to prove it Merv managed to catch his new Pike personal best before we ended the trip. The fish a typical early Summer Broads Pike with a lean look to it fought like a demon and cut a fair bit of the streamer weed up so by the time we had her netted it looked like the weed-cutter had been through the river. So in the end second place  went to Russ with admittedly more Pike boated but best fish to a very happy Merv who’s pictured below with his new personal best Pike.


Proud captor Merv Leslie with his new personal best Pike

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