So we are now into May and the new fishing season starts on the Norfolk Broads in only 6 weeks time on the 16th June, this years closed season seems to be flying by! Early reservations for  the new season are coming in thick and fast and as we are going to be closed from May 16th until June 1st your going to need to reserve your places pretty quickly to avoid disappointment. At the moment we only have 2 days left for June and almost half of available July dates are now taken and with us away in Norway and the office closed you might just miss out this year if you leave your booking to late.

I’ve had a look out and about in the boat recently and river levels look great with all systems running nice and clear, weed growth as expected is already getting high so this should mean some fantastic lure sport with hard fighting Summer Pike – in fact it’s looking like it might well be another cracking season on the Norfolk Broads just like the 2015/16 one.

That’s about it for this post, I’m around on 07493 027238 up until Sunday 15th May if you would like to make a reservation, the on-line reservation system from the website is live and the on-line diary is up to date at www.predator-people.co.uk and remember only a deposit is required to hold your reservation.

As were off to Norway with clients on our last Norwegian Pike Expedition the next post will not be until June so tight lines for now.


Well in a few words or so YES, YES, YES!

Recon you might just get the message now, last season was just great, it started well with some fantastic sport throughout the Summer period on lures, have to say though that the few actual bait trips we ran in this period were not that great except the one out with “Piker Pete” and Jon who managed to boat several cracking fish one after the other somehow! Lures were the business though, pitched into heavy cover or along weed edges the Pike certainly loved them, our special large blade Spinnerbaits were probably the most successful of the lures, but soft Savage lures and Spring Dawgs proved very effective as well.

With the start of the Autumn we started fishing baits a lot more but with the very mild weather continuing well into late Autumn we were still fishing lures into November as well and pretty successfully I have to say. From my point of view it was quite nice to sit down on the boat and cast bait rods out and relax a bit, must be getting to old now for endless lure days…lol

Autumn and early Winter proved very successful on nearly all of the Broadland rivers we fished, many good quality specimen Pike were being returned but the surprising thing for us was the fact that livebaits were proving very quiet, only returning an odd fish here and there. This was especially strange when you could throw a lure with good success and they would ignore a live, deadbaits however proved to be a winner without doubt especially as December came around.

And then it became Winter, or did it? – cooler, wetter but with only a hand full of frosts and a few wintery showers it didn’t feel much like it out there to us. The fish went on an early mad feeding frenzy in January, so much in the fact that for a while it was specimen sized Pike everyday, and lots of them too with many clients boating personal best fish – wow it was like the Norfolk Broads of old and a pleasure to see and be part of without any doubt. Then with the mad feed up finished it slowed down for a few weeks and then finished off with nice steady fishing right through to the last day of the season fishing with my old mate Colin.

So it was definitely a fantastic 20125/16 Pike fishing season for us and our clients on the Norfolk Broads, I’d like to say a massive thank you to everyone, both old & new clients, who fished with us last season and hopefully we will see you all again in the new 2016/17 season which starts on June 16th. Just a quick note about the new season, despite us running both boats again for the new season bookings are already very heavy for both the early Summer and early Autumn periods, so if your planning on visiting us then probably an early booking might just be in order again! Don’t forget you can check current availability and book directly from our website, we only require a 50% deposit to hold your reservation, just follow the link and click on the reservations tab to make your booking www.predator-people.co.uk

Thats it for now, I’m off to Norway next month for a few weeks Pike fishing with clients, its going to be a bit sad as after 23 years guiding out there it will be our last guided trip. Norway’s given us such fantastic memories, great clients, great fish and many, many laughs, we’ve made some great friend out there as well. So yes it will be sad but although the trips will have finished I would not be to surprised if Rob and myself don’t go back for some private fishing – in fact  I know we will I just need to tell the wife…lol

Tight lines

Hard to believe there’s now less than a month left of this current river season, our website, blog and even our social media stuff has taken a back seat again due to almost non stop fishing days for both myself, Tony & Rob – no point in apologising but I will anyway – again.

Its been a brilliant Winter right up until 10 days ago when for us the fish simply seemed to stop feeding in earnest, prior to that we had seen so many twenty pound plus fish and two stunning thirty pound plus ones since the new year that it almost felt like the old days on the Norfolk Broads.

We have no vacancies left now for the remainder of the season, in fact we’ve been almost fully booked before last Christmas, hopefully things will start to pickup once this cold snap has gone and we can finish the season with a bang rather than a whimper.

Few pics below of some of the recent fish, more on the website and more updates on the website at www.predator-people.co.uk as and when I get the time.

Tight lines to everyone for the last bit of the 2015/16 river season.

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Happy New Year


It’s been a brilliant last twelve months thanks to you guys & girls who have taken the time to fish with us during 2015, we have seen so many personal best fish, funny times and many, many memorable moments that its just been awesome. The 2015 gallery review will be up on the website late January, so have a look and see if you’ve made it this year.

Once again thank you so much for fishing with myself and Tony, we really appreciate your business as always and we hope you have a fantastic & prosperous New Year. Looking forward to seeing you all again in 2016 with some more stunning Norfolk Broads Pike.

Tight lines
Tel: 07493 027238

Twas a cold and snowy Christmas Eve night and as I lay in bed tossing and turning listening to the wind howling around the eaves of my Broadland cottage my thoughts turned to some great Pike fishing days on the Norfolk Broads and I slipped off into a restless sleep dreaming of monster Pike……

I awoke with a start in a damp wooden rowing skiff, looking somewhat confused I turned around and found I was not alone  but in the company of Squire Thorpe and his son Nicholas. To say I was surprised would be an understatement and my look of confusion seemed somewhat alarming to the Squire, Boy he said “whats the devil of the matter with you” um nothing sir I replied remembering the Squire was not know for his patience! Where are we I asked? – “where are we, have you been drinking“? no sir but I think I must have dozed off for a moment. As you probably can imagine the Squire was non to fond of this and advanced upon me menacingly, luckily young Master Nicholas intervened and said that we have kept the poor lad up for almost 24 hours fishing for Pike despite his protests to go home to his wife! :Well yes I suppose thats true grumbled the Squire, however that is what I pay him for isn’t it and thats just what he’ll do if I say so“!

Still confused I asked the kindly Master Nicholas what day it was and he said quietly well young Allan its Christmas eve of course and you have taken us to catch some superb Pike today. Father though is still upset that you seem to have favoured me somewhat more than him and this is why we are still fishing, you know how jealous he becomes of our connection whence Pike fishing. Yet again I have caught the best specimens and father is determined to keep you here until he beats me, I fear we might be here for some time, the kindly Master Nicholas laughed at this thought but quietly so his wicked father could not hear.

I stood up and said “Sir maybe we could try one last spot today as the snow is settling heavily now and we shouldn’t be out on the Broads in a wild night like this” – fine said the Squire but just make sure that I catch the biggest Pike and then we can go home.


Evening fast approaching and the snow is settling

I set off rowing against the howling wind and driving snow towards the secret swim where the monster Pike lived! I cast 3 large Roach out and we sat back and waited, the snow eased slightly but the sky had an ominous look to it and I shivered in my thin clothing. After what seemed like an eternity one of the gazette floats slipped away, the Squire immediately seized the rod from his son and snarled “This one’s mine boy” he wound down and struck ferociously, the rod bend over almost double and the old cat gut sang in the wind, the gut ran off the old wooden centerpin reel like there was no tomorrow. “Whats going on snapped the Squire why can’t I stop this damn fish I’ve never had a problem like this before“!


I sat and watched the Squire struggle with the fish, I suggested a few things to help him land this obvious monster but the Squire dismissed them all saying he wasn’t listening to a servant boy when he had obviously the biggest Pike in England on his rod. The fight went on for over an hour, the Squire grew more tired by the minute, more than once the rod almost slipped from his grip but still he would have no help. Both his Son and myself tried to help but to no avail he simply pushed us roughly out of the way, snarling at us in the now heavy snow “keep off his rod and my record Pike“!

The Squire slowly gained the upper hand on the Pike, gaining line and bringing it closer and closer to the boat, get the gaff the Squire shouted and make sure you gaff him first time. By now the snow lay an inch deep in the bottom of the boat and was getting very slippery, the Squire bought the now beaten monster Pike to the side of the boat and I lent over to gaff this fantastic specimen. The Pike wasn’t finished though and with one last effort leapt out of the water and tail walked away from the boat catching the now tired Squire by surprise. The Squire held on for all his worth but the fish pulled and pulled, then to our amazement the Squire started slowly being dragged down the boat on the now slippery snow. He could do nothing, both myself and Master Nicholas tried to help but he viciously pushed us away screaming the Pike was his. With one final burst of energy the Pike changed direction and the Squire was pulled over the side of the boat into the icy water of the Broad. We held the lantern aloft but there was no sign of the Squire just a few ripples where he had gone in.

We searched for quite a while with no success, eventually having to give up and return to the staithe, the snow had stopped now and it was Christmas day morning. We returned to the hall as fast as we could, telling the Squires wife what had happened, she quickly summoned the Butler and a search was started immediately with all of the staff from the great house and the local police constable searching.


Ghostly tale or not?

Sadly there was no sign of the Squire, occasionally though a massive monster Pike would leap out of the water in the distance, several times Master Nicholas and I saw it and we swear that it seemed to be smiling!


I awoke with a start, looking around I was at home, my wife was next to me in bed, I was sweating and my wife, who I had now woken, wanted to know what the matter was. Nothing I replied it was just a bad dream, however, the dream kept churning around in my mind, who was Squire Thorpe, was his son called Nicholas, and why did it seem so real. After breakfast I checked the diary to see who I as fishing with on my next trip, the name was Mr Thorpe and his son Nick – they had fished with me recently and indeed Mr Thorpe had had an amazing Norfolk Broads Pike – was it a dream then or a premonition – we’ll have to wait and see won’t we.

Milestones In Fishing?

Firstly I would just like to say a very merry Christmas and a happy New Year to all of our clients both old and new, it’s been great to fish with you all over the last 12 months and Tony & myself look forward to seeing you in 2016.

Now I teased in the last post about a personal Pike fishing milestone for myself, it’s been funny seeing some of your text & Facebook messages, emails etc trying to guess if I was teasing or not, some of you even expected some tale of a massive 40lb Broads Pike – I wish…lol

My very own milestone came fishing with good friend Rob one day recently, we only had 3 fish all day, Rob having two of them, the third though nudged the scales to exactly 20lb and made it my very own 200th 20lb Pike – delighted or what.

Clients admittedly have boated just under 700 Pike in excess of 20lb in our 31 years of guiding but as a personal milestone it was very special indeed.


My very own personal 200th Pike over 20lb

Well ok its not actually to bad at the moment with daytime air temps around 9/10c but the brisk winds are tending to add a bit of chill to those figures and with 40-60mph winds forecast this weekend its definitely not going to feel tropical out there!

So with Winter now officially here its time to reflect on an Autumn’s Pike fishing up on the Norfolk Broads. Basically its been pretty good, somedays seemed to more like the old Broadland days with multiple runs, specimen fish, braces of big fish…….. Like all things though these great fishing periods have to come to an end and with the Norfolk rivers being very high for several weeks now, the Yare has been on flood alert several times as well, plus the unsettled weather patterns in mid/late November then it has made the fishing a bit more unpredictable at the moment.

But we were talking about Autumn not moaning about December weren’t we, so its been great to see so many new faces this Autumn plus obviously always good to see the regulars as well. Many of you left Norfolk with superb Pike to your name, plenty of PB’s as well and very few blanks so pretty good.

It’s the usual thing though now, we want the weather to settle down, bit colder and less windy would be ideal but it’s not in our hands so we’ll adapt to what ever mother nature throws at us as always and battle on.

To many names to mention as usual in this brief update but have to say it was nice to see old Lord Hornby luck at fishing still holding with some superb Pike in October, Mark P with a few nice fish and loosing his bet at beating me on a lure fishing challenge – that £20.00 was so nice, cheers Mark…lol Little bit of a shame that Ross didn’t manage to beat Andrews long time standing personal best Pike but you came close fella. Grahame & James having the pleasure of rain, hail, sleet and a few shotgun pellets all in a few hours of fishing in terrible weather. There’s loads more to tell plus some info on a new personal Pike record for me but that can all come in the next update, hopefully before Christmas.

As usual few images from some catches in late Autumn, more can be found on our website at www.predator-people.co.uk and don’t forget you can follow us on Facebook & Twitter – links on the bottom of our home page, oh yes and don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter again details on our homepage.

Tight lines

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