Another Prymnesium outbreak on the Norfolk Broads – 350,000 fish rescued!

The warm weather has been blamed on yet another outbreak of the toxic algae Prymnesium on Norfolk’s River Thurne, this time it appears that Hickling and Somerton have been affected with reports also of dead fish being found in Martham dyke as well.

About 600,000 fish have been moved in seine nets from Hickling and Somerton Dyke in the past three weeks – and 350,000 since the weekend – to nearby Herbert Woods boatyard in Potter Heigham.

Anglers spotted the roach, bream, pike, perch and eels floating in the Upper Thurne and there has now been calls for a management plan for the waterways to tackle the problem.

Kelvin Allen, eastern region chairman of the Angling Trust, said there dead fish painted a “pretty bleak picture” on the Broads.

Whilst this algae has occurred for many, many years it’s effect can be catastrophic for fish, it’s surely time now that more emphasis and money is put on finding out more about this killer before it’s to late to repair the damage it causes!

For more details have a look at the EDP’s report here