Plenty Of Fantastic Fishing On The Norfolk Broads

With only a couple of days left until the new river season starting now it means that soon the Norfolk Broads will soon be in the grip of both local and visiting anglers alike. Over the last few weeks or so I have received several phone calls from people planning to come to the Broads National Park this year on fishing holidays and stay in some of the fantastic riverside accommodation that is available here. Some of them voiced concern on the reports in the angling press, blogs and websites reporting the outbreak of the dreaded Prymnesium in the Broadland area, they all asked was it even worth bringing fishing gear up if the area had been decimated by the killer!

With this in mind I thought I’d just clarify the situation for anyone planning on fishing up on the Broads this year


The outbreak was on the River Thurne system for which it is an historical problem and it only involved a small area of that system, all other river and Broads systems were unaffected and even on the beautiful Thurne it was very restricted, strangely enough, as you can see in an earlier post, the E.A have been out with sonar equipment and found plenty of fish including large shoals of Bream & Roach and individual large Pike showing on the Thurne area as well.

So just to clarify the Broads are 99.99% unaffected by this outbreak, there are plenty of coarse fish to be caught along with massive shoals of Bream and plentiful predator action for both Perch and Pike. I have added a map to show the affected areas on the River Thurne system below, they are in the North of the system and shaded in green.

Map showing the affected areas of the Spring 2015 Prymnesium Outbreak
Map showing the affected areas of the Spring 2015 Prymnesium Outbreak

I hope this clarifies the situation and I hope that both our clients and all other anglers have a fantastic start to the new river season and that you all enjoy the fantastic sport that the Norfolk Broads is famous for.

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