The Predator People – The 4th Emergency Service!

It has to be said it’s been a pretty eventful week up on the Norfolk Broads, the weather has made fishing slightly sticky and unpleasant, throw in a few pretty violent thunderstorms and I suppose it’s what you call a “British Summer” or words to that effect anyway.

Fishings been pretty tough with no 2 days the same, surface lures one day, spinnerbaits the next then a day when it didn’t matter what you threw they just wanted them, fishing eh who would want my job? No big fish this last week, plenty of hard fighting single figure fish and a spattering of doubles, the thing is though as always with Summer Pike none of them knew when to give up so some good scraps were had.

So by now your wondering about the “4th Emergency Service” title of the post, well on Thursday had the pleasure of fishing with a couple of regulars Steve & Mike Allen from Essex, on the way back into the boat ramp we found an elderly guy hanging onto a quay heading, obviously we asked if he was OK and apparently he was fishing on the bank and somehow tumble into the river. We moored up and with the aid of a neighbour with a ladder and the experience of full time Fireman Steve managed to get the old boy out, all credit to Steve, first one in the river to help, in fact the only one of us in the river as it happens, his training kicked in and the rescue was made. The old fella was up on holiday and other than being a bit shook up he only appeared to have a few cuts and bruises to show for his lucky escape. It just goes to show how easy accidents happen and it also makes you think how lucky we are to have the Fire & Rescue services in the UK with there expertise and on-going training to be able to access these sorts of situations. Maybe the government should step back a bit and take note of this rather than keep cutting these services back continually and actually acknowledge these people somewhat more!

Ok off the soapbox now, the second rescue was on Friday this time nothing serious but out with Rob & Chris and came across 2 young damsels in distress in a hire boat, the thing had just stopped in the middle of the river and they asked for our help. Well you know how it is, distressed damsels and all that, so Rob puffed his chest out, flexed his biceps and leapt rather carefully on there boat whilst Chris and myself watched amazed at this saviour in action! However despite his puffing, key turning and generally looking like he had no idea what he was doing he unfortunately, much to our amusement, didn’t manage to save the girls – they ended up calling the boatyard who replaced the boats battery and they were on there way again a few hours later. Rob I think you need to know that despite the epic fail you are both mine and Chris’s hero….lol

Raining today, steady and heavy so hopefully will freshen things up for next week and perk those Pike up again, weather forecast shows a pretty unsettled week ahead after Monday as well.

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