Autumn’s On The Way

The late Summer bank holiday has now passed and to say it was wet up on the Norfolk Broads was a little bit of an understatement, true the Saturday was great, the other two days pretty appalling with over 19mm of rain on bank holiday Monday. Add that to the other heavy rainfall days in August and in the Broadland area we’ve had around about 130mm of rain, not all bad news though as it has upped the low river levels and made the weed just that little bit easier to deal with at the moment.

So what has the Summer actually been like for Pike fishing up on the Broads, well in a nutshell Pretty Darn Good our clients have seen plenty of sport with  a fair few personal bests being returned, lures have definitely been the way forward yet again for us. The old favourites spinnerbaits, soft shads, glide baits etc returning the bulk of the fish, top water lures overall have been pretty disappointing except strangely enough the best fish of the season so far being returned on one, colours haven’t mattered that much put perseverance has without doubt been the key to having a successful time on some days!

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So what for the Autumn period?

Well boat traffic is slowly reducing and the weather at the moment is definitely taking on a cooler edge, were all hoping without doubt up here for a bit of an “indian summer” but who knows if this will happen, fingers crossed though. It’s going to take a fair bit of cold weather and probably a few frosts before the weed growth in the upper rivers starts to die back. Hopefully though with all this rain the rivers will flush themselves through and settle down bringing some clarity into the middle & lower sections and good pike fishing on those areas with it.

Were fully booked for September now and with October, November and December already looking pretty busy in our diary then don’t leave your booking to late this year or you are going to be disappointed this will be especially true if you’re looking to book two boats up.

So that’s about it for this brief round up, just one last thing and that is that due to a cancellation we have one spare space available for our Norway 2016 Pike Expedition, drop me a line if your interested in taking this slot.

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