Was It A Good 2015/16 Pike Season?

Well in a few words or so YES, YES, YES!

Recon you might just get the message now, last season was just great, it started well with some fantastic sport throughout the Summer period on lures, have to say though that the few actual bait trips we ran in this period were not that great except the one out with “Piker Pete” and Jon who managed to boat several cracking fish one after the other somehow! Lures were the business though, pitched into heavy cover or along weed edges the Pike certainly loved them, our special large blade Spinnerbaits were probably the most successful of the lures, but soft Savage lures and Spring Dawgs proved very effective as well.

With the start of the Autumn we started fishing baits a lot more but with the very mild weather continuing well into late Autumn we were still fishing lures into November as well and pretty successfully I have to say. From my point of view it was quite nice to sit down on the boat and cast bait rods out and relax a bit, must be getting to old now for endless lure days…lol

Autumn and early Winter proved very successful on nearly all of the Broadland rivers we fished, many good quality specimen Pike were being returned but the surprising thing for us was the fact that livebaits were proving very quiet, only returning an odd fish here and there. This was especially strange when you could throw a lure with good success and they would ignore a live, deadbaits however proved to be a winner without doubt especially as December came around.

And then it became Winter, or did it? – cooler, wetter but with only a hand full of frosts and a few wintery showers it didn’t feel much like it out there to us. The fish went on an early mad feeding frenzy in January, so much in the fact that for a while it was specimen sized Pike everyday, and lots of them too with many clients boating personal best fish – wow it was like the Norfolk Broads of old and a pleasure to see and be part of without any doubt. Then with the mad feed up finished it slowed down for a few weeks and then finished off with nice steady fishing right through to the last day of the season fishing with my old mate Colin.

So it was definitely a fantastic 20125/16 Pike fishing season for us and our clients on the Norfolk Broads, I’d like to say a massive thank you to everyone, both old & new clients, who fished with us last season and hopefully we will see you all again in the new 2016/17 season which starts on June 16th. Just a quick note about the new season, despite us running both boats again for the new season bookings are already very heavy for both the early Summer and early Autumn periods, so if your planning on visiting us then probably an early booking might just be in order again! Don’t forget you can check current availability and book directly from our website, we only require a 50% deposit to hold your reservation, just follow the link and click on the reservations tab to make your booking www.predator-people.co.uk

Thats it for now, I’m off to Norway next month for a few weeks Pike fishing with clients, its going to be a bit sad as after 23 years guiding out there it will be our last guided trip. Norway’s given us such fantastic memories, great clients, great fish and many, many laughs, we’ve made some great friend out there as well. So yes it will be sad but although the trips will have finished I would not be to surprised if Rob and myself don’t go back for some private fishing – in fact  I know we will I just need to tell the wife…lol

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