Wildlife Photography For A Change

Had the pleasure of taking client Graham Tweed out for a mixed day recently with some fishing and some wildlife photography on the cards. Graham bought some impressive Nikon kit with him for the day and we started fairly early on our quest to find some Kingfishers. Now we all know that the Norfolk Broads abound with these lovely birds but could we find any – not on your life could we. Not really sure if it was the previous evening of thunderstorms that made these little fellas reluctant to show or not but we only caught and odd flash of them throughout the day and all from a distance.

However all was not lost when a glimpse of a Tawny Owl got Graham quickly focusing the 500mm Nikon lens on the owl who proved to be very obliging and gave us some great shots. We then turned out attentions to the stunning Marsh Harriers that again are usually not to hard to spot, however again only an odd glimpse of these birds and usually from afar. We had almost given up on this quest but the weather turned with bright sun appearing and almost at the same time we found two or three pairs of these stunning raptors, again Graham using using his expertise caught some stunning images of these fantastic birds.

All in all a great day, I even let Graham beat me at lure fishing by making sure every Pike that hit my lures fell off – Graham laughed – I moaned!

Some of Grahams images below used with his kind permission.