So the new river season is now getting ever closer and I’ve been out and about on the newly fitted out boat checking out most of the rivers we fish on a regular basis. We’ve just upgraded all of our engines and sonar equipment and its been great fun seeing how the new imaging equipment has improved massively over the last few years. I’m pleased to say that I have reverted back to Humminbird after many years using and retailing Garmin products and the new ranges are simply awsome!

Theres a few images below from the new imaging equipment including an image of a nice Pike sitting off of the bottom, we even found a sunken boat in an area we have fished for years, undoubtedly with a few of my lures hanging of it…lol

All of the rivers are running slightly lower than normal but they do look good, little bit of colour and the weed growth is looking fantastic and sure to bode well for some exciting early season top water lure action.

We are very heavily booked for the Summer and Autumn periods already so if your thinking of fishing with us in these periods I really would suggest that you get your dates reserved as early as possible to avoid disappointment. You can check our current single boat availability via the on-line diary found on the reservations tab at anytime or give me a call on 07493 027238.

Tight lines for now