This Is What Pike Fishing Should Be About!

After over 50 years of enjoying Pike fishing always searching for the next specimen or even a new PB it sometimes nice to step back and look at what actually makes me, or you for that matter keep fishing for these frustrating fish.

I sat on the boat with a couple of clients the other weekend, in fact a father & son from West Norfolk, I had taken Stuart the father fishing for Pike many years ago and he though it would be a great idea to take his son out for son to enjoy a day out on the Norfolk Broads, the youngster had never caught a Pike before so all was to play for. Now this isn’t a story about monster Pike it’s simply a story of father & son enjoying a day out and Dad seeing his son catching his first ever Pike, Kit actually caught several small fish, each one bought such immense pleasure to all of us, yep including me, that it really bought it home why we should go fishing.

Yes we all love catching larger specimens but step back a minute and think what actually got you into Pike fishing, or in fact fishing, in the first place, was it your father, brother, friend who first got you in to it? – I bet you can probably remember that massive buzz when you caught your first fish can’t you – now the question is do you still get that buzz isn’t it!

So,just remember when your sitting out in the rain and cold on a slow day why you actually go fishing and don’t ever forget it as it’ll keep you going on for ever.

Kit is pictured below with one of the fish he caught and I bet dad Stuart gets no peace for a while now…lol